Year 4 Maths Challenge

It was a bright January afternoon when Toby, Hector, Sophia, and Jasper set off to the Year 4 Maths challenge at Bryanston.

When we arrived we were shown to a room full of excited Year 4 mathematicians, all ready to pit their brains and skills against children from about 20 local prep and primary schools. Everyone worked in teams of 2 solving a variety of challenges all against the clock. The children had to look for sequences, demonstrate their speedy mental addition skills, work out tangrams and play with codes as well as a variety of other tasks.

Quickly the room was a buzz with maths chat and all 39 teams were busy calculating and computing. The time flew by and an hour and a half later the challenges were all over and the results were announced. It was wonderful to hear that Toby and Hector had won the entire competition, the first time Sandroyd has done so!

After all that hard work all the children were treated to a Maths Match tea and it was time to return to school. Bryanston’s welcome was tremendous and their organisation of the event was very smooth so all the children had a super time. Well done to all 4 of you!