The Week Independent Schools Guide: Best for Riding

Sandroyd is “a horse-lover’s dream”, according to the Good Schools Guide, and it’s “not surprising that nearly a half of pupils ride, with a handful bringing their own ponies, even pupils as young as six. Better still is the fact that all riders, regardless of whether they have their own horse at the school, are encouraged to learn about everything from grooming to mucking out, and there’s no shortage of competitions, with the school’s name a common feature of the national finals.”

Riding at Sandroyd is delivered by a team of highly experienced and qualified instructors, overseen by our Head of Riding Frances Cattell. We offer riding for pupils of all levels from complete beginners to experienced competitors.  We cater for the fun rider wishing to ride purely for pleasure and pupils wishing to take equine study further. We are members of the NSEA and are a registered Pony Club Centre.

The Week Independent Schools Guide 2021 lists Sandroyd as ‘Best for riding’ saying that “pupils and their ponies have plenty of space to roam”. For a child who loves riding, a school with a stable full of horses or the opportunity to bring their own pony to school with them, sounds like the perfect place to study!

We believe that horse riding is good for children.  It is a fantastic form of exercise, requiring flexibility, balance and coordination, plus the physical demands of grooming and mucking out! It encourages children to explore their personal boundaries, to concentrate and make decisions, develop empathy and learn that actions have consequences – whilst bonding with magnificent animals and gaining a real sense of achievement.

We currently have 90 pupils riding, from beginners learning the basics, up to experienced competitors taking on challenging competitions.  The outstanding facilities include 500 acres, an American barn with four stables and eight stalls, plus the school hosts a national tetrathlon. Show jumping paddock, menage, cross country courses.

“We have quite a few ponies to suit all abilities, from beginners to competition riders,” says Frances Cattell, Head of Riding, who adds that riding, training and mucking out fits seamlessly into the pupils’ day here, with lessons available as part of the curriculum, as well as opportunities most mornings and evenings, with competitions or hacking on offer every weekend. “Children are always welcome to visit the stables during break times, to help with the ponies,” says Cattell.

Find out more about riding at Sandroyd here or contact Frances for further details or Dinah for information on Admissions.